Saturday, August 16, 2014

August 2014: New York, Delaware River Hike #5: Cobey Pond

Aquatic plants on Cobey Pond

Hike number 5 for us was Cobey Pond.  This hike was actually in Pennsylvania.  The trail was a three mile loop trail with perhaps one or two hundred feet of elevation gain.  It is listed as a moderate hike in the trailguide.

We parked in the parking area and hiked up a road to a locked gate.  Beyond the gate, the road became more or less two ruts with grasses growing inbetween.  All in all, this was an unremarkable hike until we arrived at Cobey Pond.

The Cobey Pond Trail is definitely a destination type of a hike.  Once at Cobey Pond, we walked out on the dock for awhile, then we circled all the way around the lake.  The trailguide suggested we might see waterfowl.  We were long past the nesting season and migration season hasn't begun yet, so all I saw were a few thrushes and a vulture.

The pond was pretty though, and very photogenic.  I didn't take many photos on this hike so this will be a short post.

Cobey Pond, reflection

More reflection

The water had a glasslike finish

Love the shadows in the water of these aquatic plants

I always seem to find bees working

Lilypads and water lilies

The trail around the lake



Pretty flowers I've never seen anything like them before

Water lily

Reflection from the other end of the pond

Beaver damage

Jointgrass in the water

Cobey pond is quite pretty

Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay...

The pond was quite pretty, but this hike seemed a bit rushed to me.  It was not a pretty hike until we arrived at the pond.  This was probably my least favorite of all the hikes, but it was necessary to hike it in order to get the patch!  No regrets though.

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