Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May 2015: Camas Wildlife Refuge

On the road to Camas Wildlife Refuge

This will be a short post because we went to the wildlife refuge late in the day and in a break between rainstorms.  It was mainly a fact finding mission for me.

A friend of ours has been photographing birds at the Camas Wildlife Refuge lately and getting some excellent shots.  I've always liked birds and have been tempted to take up birdwatching as yet another hobby.  Time for us to go to Camas.

Yesterday was a rainy day, but on my way home from work, I noticed that the sky over Hamer, Idaho seemed to be clearing.  I talked the Hot Chick into riding out with me to see what the Camas Wildlife Refuge was all about.  We drove out in the rain, but as we approached Hamer, the clouds parted and we were able to drive through the refuge for a good part of our time with minimal rain.  Scattered showers really.

We only spent about an hour in the refuge, but it was enough for me to determine I will go back and probably often.  As I entered the driving path through the refuge, the first bird I saw was a bald eagle in flight.

There were a couple of large raptors on a fence and as I pulled up the camera to photograph them, they took flight.  There were yellow headed blackbirds, coots and a ton of owls.  The owls were skittish and most of them flew away before I could get a decent shot at them.  That's camera shot, by the way.

Enough talk, on to the pictures.

Bald Eagle in flight


Unidentified flying raptor

Yellow headed blackbird being cool

Checking me out

Pretty sure this is a short eared owl

An original homestead building on the property

Apparently these are coots.  They are common, but yesterday was the first time I'd ever seen them.

Another short eared owl being sneaky

Took flight when he thought I was too close

Hanging out

The staredown

Trumpeter swan

Agitated yellow headed blackbird.  He wasn't agitated at me, he was agitated....

by this guy

Don't know what he is, but he's cool

I consider this foray into Camas Wildlife Refuge to be a success.  I plan to learn more about birds and more about my camera, and then watch out!

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